Friday, August 21, 2009

Frugal Missus Is Soooo NOT Extreme!

I was doing my regularly scheduled Frugal Blog Searching (ok, so it's not scheduled, per se, but I definitely do it on a regular basis to find new ideas!), and came across some Extreme Frugal Practices. I can't help but wonder, as the author ponders as well, when is it "frugal" and when is it just plain CHEAP?!?

You be the judge!

Writing on post it notes in pencil, so you can reuse them.

Rinsing and reusing paper towels.

Fighting over the pinata candy at a child's birthday party so you can save it and give it out for Halloween treats.

Giving up your home to live in an RV, truck or car full time.

Cut up cereal boxes and use them for post cards.

Pouring pasta water down the toilet or in the toilet tank to reduce the amount of water used in a flush.

Bring your own cheese when eating hamburgers out so you won't be charged for a cheeseburger.

Go out to eat with friends and ask for their leftovers instead of ordering a meal for yourself. Using an old bra to grow tomatoes in the cups.

Spending hours to separate your two-ply toilet paper into two separate rolls when people will probably just grab more paper to start with.

Shutting off the water when people visit do they will be forced to use the bathroom multiple times and not waste a flush (Yes, I know of someone who did this).

Set up a cot in your office to save on housing.

Empty saved ketchup packets from fast food joints into a ketchup bottle.

Going through random garbage bags for the soda caps to collect for their rewards programs.

(For the record, I have never done any of the above mentioned things, nor have they ever even crossed my mind, and I KNOW I boarderline on "cheap" at times.)


  1. Rinsing paper towels for re-use will cost more in water waste than in paper towels. just use towels, rinse in captured shower water (waiting for the hot water, use a bucket) and dry on the line, poof, free clean towels.

    The rest are just cheap indeed.

  2. I AGREE w/ you... There is a difference between CHEAP and being Frugal... Those things are just CHEAP!
    Although, I do wash and re-use the freezer zip lock bags.

  3. Hey, don't knock the cereal boxes as post cards. I actually got that idea as part of my kids "Green" Birthday Party. Reduce, Reuse, Recyle is the game and that's how I play. Of course, outside of said theme, I would never do this as a form of regular correspondence. ;)

  4. I am guilty of misusing ketchup packets and saving fast-food napkins, reusing freezer bags, and writing on every scrap of post-it note. Also, making people I hardly know give me a ride to class so I won't have to buy a $35 parking permit. I'm so tacky, and my husband is often embarrassed.