Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Frugal Family, Slaves No More!

We're BACK! Thanks for being patient as we adjust to our family of four status! Just because we have another mouth to feed doesn't mean we aren't sticking by our frugal ways! I will be posting ways to stay frugal with a new kid in the house! In fact, I can proudly say I have not spent one thin dime on our Frugal Fourth.

Not one penny.

No Joke.

I know it's a teaser, but I'll go into that in a different post. This post isn't about our new addition... it's about what we've gotten rid of!

We took a trip to Seattle to visit Frugal Father's Family and vowed that, should we be able to make the trip up there and not put anything on a credit card, that we would cut the cards up! Well, folks... Checky check it:
Dave would be so proud!