Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Frugal Missus Gets Real

Ok, so apparently, I am far too good at this living off a budget thing, because my grand idea of having an extra $280 for the snowball by living off the land is going kaput. Already. It's not even January 10th yet (my start date), and already , my pantries are bare! Then it dawned on me...

I've been living with $400 a month for groceries since July. That $400 is the PERFECT amount for our family because I don't have "extra" to stock up on much stuff. At first, I was really bummed I couldn't "live off the land", but now I am quite proud of myself. I have been able to only buy what we'll eat, saving money all year round, instead of having excess food sitting around. (Frugal Nana would croak if she knew I didn't have an "earthquake supply").

So, rather than only spending $30/week on dairy and produce, I'm going to clear out my freezers. That's my "living off the land". Then, come February, I'll be able to defrost and clean my chest freezer in the garage (something I've wanted to do for MONTHS). Then, I think we'll have to budget a few extra bucks to restock all the stuff my freezer is usually flush with.

If you are taking on the "Live Off The Land" challenge, I'd love to hear about it and how you are, of course, succeeding in it!

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