Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Frugal Missus Gets Organized

It's so much easier to stay on track and within our written budget when I feel organized! Today, I did just that.
I made my frugal idea of DR's Envelope System with small colorful envelopes from The Dollar Tree and used some scrapbook stickers I had on hand to label each envelope. I chose to try to find a frugal method of this rather than Dave's Designer System that I really want. If the envelopes prove too small (which might happen since they are smaller than a dollar bill), I'll use some of my "Blow" money to buy the $19.95 system. I figured I'm just out an extra buck if it doesn't work, and if it does, I've saved $18.95 plus shipping! I put the dollar amount each envelope gets in total each month but have it split according to our Allocated Spending for each paycheck. After all, I can't spend our entire month's paycheck before we even get it! It also serves to make sure I don't blow our whole gas budget before the month is over!

I also made use of a larger sized whiteboard I purchased a few years ago to keep track of my to-do list for school. A couple weeks ago, I made a grid with my dry-erase marker and wrote my menu for the week. I got so annoyed at the grid getting messed up because I'd brush against it. So, this morning, I made the lines solid with electrical tape and the days of the week with scrapbook stickers I had on hand. I "splurged" on some new dry erase markers last night at My Happy Place in 3 different colors. One is for my menu, one is for my schedule and to-do list that week, and one is for Frugal Mister's schedule. The blank space is used for general "to-do" items that I'll need Frugal Mister's help with on his off hours.

What have you done to get yourself organized? Made a Google Calendar for your menus? Huh? Huh? I can't heeeeeear you! ;)

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  1. Hey you... we use 3 folders for our bills and filing. One folder is labeled "To Be Entered" and we put bills in it before it's scheduled into Quicken. The 2nd one is "Bills" and there I place the bills that have been scheduled into Quicken. Pretty simple but it saves me time when I go to pay the bills. Basically, a bill comes and if I don't have the time to enter it in to Quicken it goes into the TBE folder. The third folder is "To File" and I think it's pretty self explanatory. It hasn't changed for years and it works for us so I think we'll stick to it.