Friday, July 24, 2009

Missus Frugal Gets Crafty

Frugal Mister and I started putting together a Big Girl Room for The Princess long before we decided to get serious about our financial hole. We put a little money into some paint for the room and some furniture (and bought a new bed with one of those 90 Day Same as Cash "deals" that would have Dave Ramsey kicking us in the gut!), but the long list of wants for finishing touches (crown moulding, baseboards, etc.) is going by the wayside for now. Instead, I am looking at some seriously frugal ways to repurpose what we already own!

We bought a 6 drawer dresser off Craigslist a few months back, and I painted the white frame a slightly darker shade of blue than the light blue of the walls, leaving the drawers white so they'd really *pop*. I shopped around for some glass knobs to replace the god awful red plastic ones that came on the dresser (it reminds me of 6 little clown noses. Not exactly the look I'm going for in her Shabby Chic Big Girl Room!). The only ones that appealed to me were from Anthropologie, but at $8 each, I couldn't pull the trigger. It would have totally defeated the purpose of buying the dresser on craigslist and saving a few bucks!

So, I look at those hideous red knobs day in and day out. Until a little godsend came along in the form of One Pretty Thing. On OPT, a link was posted to Ready For Anything who posted directions for fabric covered knobs! I LOVE the look of them and will be trying my hand at this little Frugal Find in the coming days! She used wooden knobs, but since I have them and don't care about them, I'm going to first try to cover the plastic knobs and see how the fare. I'll be sure to take pictures, so stay tuned!

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  1. Oh those knobs are just too cute...and a wee bit chic too! :> I went to bookmark OPT when my computer honked back at me that its already bookmarked...thanks for the reminder to check them out again. Love frugal crafty goodness!