Thursday, July 16, 2009

Frugal Mister Works... a lot.

For nearly five years now, it's been my responsibility to provide for the Missus. Three of those years have included one daughter and soon to include a second offspring. In the last three years, I have worked an average of around 35 hours of overtime (OT) a month. This month, I'm hitting the 69.5 hour mark. Next month? 46. I've been doing this every month for three years. I'm tired.

I'm tired of being at work and not with my family. I'm tired of being tired from working so much when I'm actually with my family. I'm tired of looking at our bills twice a month and not seeing much headway. (Although, we did pay off a six year loan for our Ford last month!) I'm tired of swearing up and down every February when we get our taxes done and we pay off our credit cards that "this'll be the year we don't use 'em!!" Sure, it won't.

That's not to say we haven't had our share of successes. The aforementioned Ford being toward the top. We've a lovely home, a comfortable life, and we are, by and large, very happy. We've a fantastic marriage, a beautiful daughter, and a growing family. We don't argue about money. Honestly, we don't argue about much. The budget does, however, provide stress from time to time. Well, stress' time is done. It's our time now.

With FPU and Dave's help, I think we've discovered the motivation and proper plan to appropriately deal with our debt. Herein, we will document our highs and inevitable lows insofar as our journey goes. FPU recommends journaling. We are blog whores, so what better way to journal...especially since I think I'll actually contribute in this arena. This is a public blog, so you (whether you know it or not) are helping us hold our feet to the fire!

So, thanks in advance for reading and your support.

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