Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Frugal Missus Joins a Committee

We had our first "Budget Committee Meeting" this weekend, for which both Frugal Mister and I were very excited! I know... it's a sickness.

Frugal Mister journaled below about the different forms DR provides us and how he took to them, which I am THRILLED that he liked them so much. As I've said before, most of what DR teaches us, I've had the idea of before even knowing who DR was! The Allocated Spending is one of those things that I knew I liked the idea of, but the Type A in me needed a written form to tell me what to do, and the Type A in Frugal Mister needed a form that I didn't throw together! DR is an angel in that respect! He filled a need for both of us!

Like Frugal Mister, I am very excited about our monthly Budget Committee Meetings. Dave warned us that our first few would be hard. That we'd have conflict over where we thought money should go. I am incredibly pleased to report that that didn't happen. We just focused, compromised, and listened to each other. It felt as if we really had formed a committee, with equal amounts of input, and I have to say, that feelts great.

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