Monday, July 27, 2009

Menu Monday

This is my menu for the last week of July. We've been living by our budget as much as possible for the past 15 days, but have a new one all ready to go for August. I'm excited/invigorated/ slightly nervous about adopting our new budget for a full month, but I'll save all that for another post later this week.

Because we didn't live by a written budget for the first half of the month, I found my grocery budget was GONE before the last week! So, I took stock of what I had in my freezer and *voila*! An entire week of menu without having to buy any ingredients! Seriously. I'll go to the store for milk (we drink a ton) and some romaine lettuce because we eat an insane number of salads, but past that, we're good to go!

I encourage you to take stock of what you have already in the weeks you find your wallet tight, but encourage you even more to have a realistic written budget and menu plan accordingly!

Steaks and French Fries
Tuesday: Italian Sausage and Pesto Linguine
Wednesday: Chicken Foccacia Sandwiches
Thursday: Sweet and Spicy Kielbasa
Friday: PIZZA NIGHT!!!
Saturday: Bacon and Eggs
Sunday: Lima Bean Soup (we didn't have it last week because of overtime shifts)

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