Thursday, July 30, 2009

Frugal Missus Thanks You

I just needed to brain purge for a minute. This isn't technically a journal entry because DR didn't instruct me to write about this, but it's been on my mind and I feel I need to get it out there!

I fully recognize that we are in the "Honeymoon Phase" of our journey with Dave. We've been at this for just about 2 weeks, but Frugal Mister and I have both marveled at the sense of clarity and purpose we feel in our lives now that we are living by the plan. I can only hope that some of you guys out there will feel the same sort of peace if you decide to take a journey similar to ours.

Like a marriage, things mellow after a while. You find yourself savoring the sweetness that is love, not the burn that is lust. This is a change to your way of life. It's not always easy. There are fights, compromise, and a learning curve when it comes to melding your life with another person.

This is true, also for the journey to financial peace. There are things I will miss about my "single life", but knowing I am making my family a better unit for it is all the motivation I need! Well, that's not entirely true...

I need YOU. I need to THANK YOU. Through the years, it's been suggested to me that I have a blog with my menu, organizing ideas, frugal tips, etc., but I knew there were so many other great blogs out there that served that purpose! I've gotten many communications from Frugal Fam readers telling me how amazing/cute/inspiring this blog is for them. It's given people ideas to help set their lives on a path they want, rather than life leading them. That, in turn, inspires me to keep going!

So, no pressure... but keep loving this blog. Share it with someone you think might need a push in the right direction. Keep looking back at old posts. And please, always feel you can ask us questions, leave comments, share a tip or two (I might do a "From the Readers" tip post some day! You could be famous!), and give us general feedback and encouragement because it really does help us in our ultimate goal.

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